Join us March 18th, 2018 at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg for The Nosh Market, a market of global Jewish food!




Friday, March 17th

Kiddush #4: Opening dinner by Yuval Belhans and Mayaan Meir of Kiddush. Four course traditional Moroccan Jewish menu including the first glass of wine. If you haven't been to one of their dinners yet, now is the time! This is one of the homiest and yummiest Jewish food projects going in Berlin!

Fine Bagels Warschauerstrasse 74 at 20:00

Tickets: 38 euros available here

Sunday, March 19

Daytime: The Breakfast Market x Nosh Berlin: Join us as we kick off the week with a full on Jewish breakfast market at the Markthalle Neun. Bagels, jachnun, sabich, Injera, blintzes, challah french toast, some serious smoked fish action, homemade cream soda, kugels, pastrami, pickling demos...this is gonna be good. Event page here.

Evening: Showing of Alexa Karolinski's beautiful film Oma and Bella at the beautiful Kino Babylon on Rosa Luxembourg Platz. Q&A with the director. Included in the ticket is a special nosh and a drink after the show, created by Yuval Belhans and Mayaan Meir of Kiddush and Honeyspring Projects. Tickets available here!







Monday, March 20


The JCC of Krakow presents: food demo, tasting, and talk on Polish-Jewish food and food history. Location: Fine Bagels, Warschauerstrasse 74 at 17:00

Tickets available here!

5 euros


Tuesday, March 21

Amy Kritzer of the blog WhatJewWannaEat and gorgeous cookbook Sweet Noshings presents Creative Passover Cooking. This will be a food demo, tasting, and talk. Tickets on sale via eventbrite or in person at Fine Bagels.

Warschauerstrasse 74 at 19:00

10 euros

Wednesday, March 22


Goldhahn and Sampson cooking school presents: Journey to Jerusalem, Tastes and Smells of the Holy City with Ofir Graizer. Jerusalem is a fantastic meeting point of so many culinary traditions, Jewish, Palestinian, North African, Persian, Eastern European, and more. Language: Deutsch Buy tickets and sign up here!

Ofir Graizer

Growing up in Israel to a Jewish, half-religious family with Italian, Greek, Bulgarian and Polish blood, and being surrounded by smells and colors of the Arabic markets, cooking (and eating!) has always been an obsession for me. Since I was 16 I’ve been working in kitchens, and in the last years I combine my work as a filmmaker alongside teaching cooking in Germany. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and create, together, a wonderful feast of colors, smells and tastes.




Molly Yeh's new cookbook, Molly on the Range

Molly Yeh's new cookbook, Molly on the Range

Molly Yeh and Luisa Weiss talk cookbooks, blogs, and Jewish baking at Hallesches Haus

Molly Yeh of blog My Name is Yeh and recently released Molly on the Range and Luisa Weiss of The Wednesday Chef and Classic German Baking talk cookbooks, blogs, and Jewish Baking. 6pm-8pm Tickets available here.

10 euros

Location: Hallesches Haus



The Land of Soy Milk and Date Honey: Discussing Vegetarianism and Judaism

Is there a connection between Judaism and vegetarianism? Why are there so many vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv? And why does the bible talk so much about beans?

Join us for an interesting discussion and cooking workshop on vegetarianism, veganism, and their connections to Jewish culture. We will study and discuss textual sources about Judaism’s relationship to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. And using a variety of beans and vegetables, we will also prepare some delicious appetizers, salads, and even desserts! Our dishes will span the globe from Israel to China, from the Caucasus to the Caribbean!

The event is brought to you, in cooperation with Fraenkelufer Synagogue, by Yael Dinur, representative of the World Zionist Organization in Germany and Nelly Shulman, food and travel writer.

6:30pm at Fraenkelufer Synagogue


Thursday, March 23

The Gefilte Ball

Jeffrey Yoskowitz of Gefilteria and The Gefilte Manifesto talks pickles, gefilte fish, and the classics of Ashkenazi cooking. Hosted by the incomparable Dan Stern. Cocktail pairing and dancing late into the night with musicians from Berlin's vibrant klezmer scene at the Ballhaus Rixdorf. Tickets available at in person at Fine Bagels or HERE

15 euros

Doors at 18:30, Talk from 19:00-20:00, 20:15-midnight concert and dancing

Friday, March 24

Goldhahn and Sampson cooking school presents: Ofir's Real Jewish Cuisine! Learn to prepare beautiful and festive Ashkenazi shabbat dinner specialities with Ofir Grazier. All vegetarian. Challah, latkes, rugelach and more. Language: Deutsch Buy tickets and sign up here!

Night of Shabbat Supperclubs. Take your pick from the delicacies of global Jewish cooking! Modern takes on traditional Eastern European at Rykestrasse Synagogue, Gil Hovav and Adeena Sussman's Yemenite Feast, or the extraordinary cuisine of Jewish Italy at Cafe Botanico.

Shabbat Supperclub #1: Fine Bagels presents A Yemenite Dinner with Gil Hovav and Adeena Sussman. Gil and Adeena will be serving up beautifully cooked Yemenite-Israeli dishes and treat their guests to storytelling and history. This is gonna be great! Tickets on sale at Fine Bagels or HERE. Location: Fine Bagels, Warschauerstrasse 74

What's Yemenite Shabbat all about? Bread soup, and stories. Let Israeli food personality Gil Hovav and writer/cook Adeena Sussman take you inside one of Israel's most unique ethnic traditions with a dinner centered around kubaneh, the long-cooked Sabbath bread that's at the heart of many a Yemenite Sabbath Meal. 


Eggplant Salad
Kubaneh Bread (overnight yeast-risen bread with hard boiled eggs)
Yemenite Meat Soup
Yemenite Fish Soup
Resek (Tomato Puree)
Schug (Yemenite Hot Sauce)
Chilbeh (whipped fenugreek spread)
Simple Hand-Held Salad
Ja'aleh (dried fruits and nuts, in the Yemenite style)
Cafe Lavan (Yemenite "White Coffee")

Gil Hovav is the author of four best-selling memoir-cookbooks about his Israeli family. IN his long career he has created some of Israel's top-rated food television shows and written for Israel's most respected publications. HE travels around the world sharing tales of Israeli food and culture. His great-grandfather, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, was the creator of the modern Israeli Hebrew language. 

Adeena Sussman is writing a cookbook about Israeli home cooking for Penguin-Random House. She has written about Israeli food for Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, Epicurious, Gourmet, and many others. She is the co-author of nine cookbooks, including two New York Times best-sellers in 2016: Cravings with Chrissy Teigen and The Sprinkles Baking Book with Candace Nelson.

40 euros

Gil Hovav is one of Israel's most beloved chefs and television personalities. Adeena Sussman is a chef and food writer.

Shabbat Supperclub #2: Itay Novik of Elements of Food presents A Modern Take on Traditional Eastern European at Rykestrasse Synagogue

The east european (ashkenazi) kitchen is not a glorious one. It was born from poverty and constraints which influenced its variety and creativity. The kompot, for example was a great solution for fruits long over their pick. Especially for Nosh Berlin, Chef and food designer Itay Novik will cook a modern interpretation from his own traditional cuisine. This dinner will be hosted by the Rykestrasse synagoge as an opportunity for Jewish and non Jewish guests to take part in this special event. This dinner will be dairy and kosher, and is open for all (pre-order is needed),

Vegetable consomme with potato dumplings (Kreplach) 
“Chopped liver” eggplant salad with horseradish cream
Salmon fillet with dill sauce, kugel and baby carrots (Tzimmes) 
Orange sponge cake, kompot jelly and plums whipped cream  
Water, white and red wine and coffee

Dinner costs 40 euro. 
Tickets are sold at Fine Bagels or via Email to info@foodelements.net

The service (Kabbalat Schabbat) starts at 18.00 and is open for all participants, the dinner will start at 19.00 Please be on time.

Shabbat Supperclub #3: Jewish Roman at Cafe Botanico

Cafè Botanico, Italian restaurant with a vegetable garden in the heart of Neukölln, will serve for the Berlin Jewish food week, a special dinner based on the Jewish roman kitchen. The community of Rome, the most ancient Jewish community outside of Israel, gave the Italian kitchen a lot of its foundation and some of its most famous dishes. On this special night you’ll have a one time chance to taste them, here in Berlin. The dinner will include a full four course menu,

Aliciotti con l'indivia - Anchovy and endive
Carciofi alla giudia - Jewish style artichokes
Agnello, patate al forno e verdure - Lamb with roasted potatoes and vegetables from the garden
Caprese con panna - Almond flour and chocolate tart with cream
Water, white and red wine and coffee

Dinner costs 40 euro. Preorder is needed.

Dinner costs 40 euro. 
Tickets are sold at Fine Bagels or via Email to info@foodelements.net

Shabbat Supperclub #4: Persian Shabbat Feast by Sophie and Xenia von Oswald

Iranian Jewish history began over 2.400 years ago and continues through to today. Sophie and Xenia von Oswald (rocketandbasil.com) will celebrate the flavours of Persia with their Shabbat menu, mixing traditional Jewish Iranian dishes with more modern interpretaions of this rich and complex cuisine. Join them for a family feast at the beautiful Fortuna's Table Catering & Fortuna's Feast Private Dining as part of Nosh's night of Shabbat suppers: 


traditional iranian sherbet spiked with arak

homemade lavash with fava bean dip

tarragon chicken soup with gondi dumplings

saffron tahdig

slow cooked sumac beef
whole roasted sumac aubergine

chopped herb salad with quinoa and walnuts

jerusalem artichoke torshi (iranian pickles)
spiced yoghurt or our signature chili sauce

cardamom and rosewater tiramisu

Tickets are priced at 43 euro per head and must be purchased in advance through eventbrite. Welcome drink and tea througout the meal are included. Matching natural wine and craft beer can be bought by the glass or the bottle at the event. 

We can't wait to feast with you!


Saturday, March 25

Goldhahn and Sampson cooking school presents: Bagels with Moha Al-Hasani!

In diesem Kurs lernt man die Grundlagen einer guten Hefeteigzubereitung, wie man schnelle und langsame Bagels herstellt und was dieses besondere Etwas ist, das Bagels für Amerikaner und viele andere so unwiderstehlich macht. Neben dem Unterschied zu Montreal-Bagels lernt man in diesem Kurs auch, mit Freunden und Familie umzugehen, die der Sucht nach knusprig-zähen Bagels verfallen sind und ständig mehr verlangen. Tickets and Sign-up here.


Moha Al-Hasani

Moha kommt aus Norddeutschland und lebt seit 2010 in Berlin, wo er als Strategieberater arbeitet und einen Kunstbuchgeschäft hat. Für eine vergangene Liebe ging er 2013 nach New York City und lernte schon vorher original New Yorker Bagel backen. Seither backt er sie regelmäßig für alle jüdischen und nicht-jüdischen, amerikanischen und nicht-amerikanischen Freunde in Berlin ein Softskill, der von vielen Freunden als das Beste an ihm geschätzt wird.

Pickle Passion with Kraut Braut

In the mood for a deli sandwich and nowhere to go? Turn your kitchen into the best traditional delicatessen and spice up your homemade sandwiches with Jewish-style fermented foods. Tangy, crunchy, spicy, and fresh pickles brighten up any plate and will always enhance a sandwich. Food writer and fermentation evangelist Cathrin Brandes aka the KrautBraut will get you started and guide you through all the steps. 

During class you’ll create:

- Spicy Sauerkraut
- Pickled Cucumber-Dill Relish
- Honey-Mustard
- Onion Rings

After this course, you'll be fermenting like a pro! Plus, you'll take home four jars of pickles made in class.

Hands-on workshop in Charlottenburg is limited to 18 participants. Fee: €45 per person. 

Sign up by write to krautbraut@tidbits.de. The workshop will take place at Cooks Connection, the exact address will be handed out upon up e-mail confirmation.


Sunday, March 26th

Cafe Nagler and the Berlin Cafe Culture of the 1920s


Habait, a local Berlin initiative promoting modern Israeli culture is happy to be a part of the NOSH- Jewish Food Week with a special event:

Cafe Nagler and the Berlin Cafés culture in the 20's
On Sunday the 26th March at 16:00 ,we invite you to join us in Cafe Kombrink http://www.kombrink.net/ 
located just a few minutes walk from Moritzplatz where Cafe Nagler was located in its days back in the 20s. to an afternoon of other times in Berlin...

We will invite our guests to watch with us the Film Cafe Nagler ( 2015, 59 min) in which film director Mor embarks on a journey to find out what is left of her family's legendary café. Her grandmother follows the filming with great anticipation. 
Café Nagler is a film about memory, about our need for family myths and our longing for a different past.

After the film we will hear more about the Berliner Cafe culture from Dörte Deimig presenting : "I saw my God in the café": Discover aspects of German-Jewish coffeehouse culture in 1920s Berlin. Language: English/ Deutsch"

Each participant is invited for coffee and Roglach in the Cafe.

Tickets : 6 Euro